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One thing you need to succeed in anything

Successful and happy people have something that unsuccessful and unhappy people don’t have and I’m not talking here about a special talent that they’re born with or anything like that. I’m talking here about something that is available to everybody and it is not in limited supply, is relatively cheap to acquire and can significantly change anybody’s life for the better. The thing I’m talking about here is the knowledge. So if you want to be successful in something or have a happy and fulfilling life, but you have been struggling so far, there is a solution for you.


Why ESN tools like Yammer or Slack are great for internal communication

Last week I wrote about the do's and don'ts of team engagement and what is important to create dedicated, engaged and high performing teams. One of the main factors to achieve, it is to make sure that the team is well informed about what is happening within the organisation. So, how to make sure everybody stays up to date with what’s going on internally?


Team engagement do's and don'ts

When working with your team as a manager, team leader, managing director or any other person that is leading a group of people, it is important to keep the team engaged. Only teams that are engaged in what they do can perform well and produce amazing results. In this article, I’m talking about how to create engaged teams and mistakes to avoid if you want to create an engaging team.